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The timeless strength of faith and contemporary flair for the beautiful meet to create some of the most exquisite Arabic jewelry you’ll ever see! Show off your or a loved one’s belief with necklaces featuring the name of Allah, the most merciful and His Prophet (PBUH). You may also gift choice verses from the Qur’an, like the Ayat Al Kursi, which grace several pendant designs either men or women will wear proudly.

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Have you been pondering on what to gift a Muslim friend or relative, but are struggling to hit the nail on the head? After all, whenever you’re gifting someone whose faith plays a major role in their life, a keen eye is needed to spot a present which would delight them while also celebrating the faithful aspect of what makes them who they are with a deep respect. Since you’ve landed on this particular part of our store, you might be thinking that Arabic jewelry would be a great gift for him or her, and you’re absolutely right!


More and more Muslims are choosing to express themselves more openly, and an Arabic pendant that showcases one of their favorite ayats as they’re recorded in the Holy Qur’an is a fantastic gift idea for letting that spark of creativity be transformed into something more yet meaningful. Proudly wearing an Arabic writing necklace shows that a deep devotion to what one believes in can be expressed in a very stylish way, and here’s a chance for you to make that happen.


The collection of Islamic jewelry and gifts we’ve laid out for you is among our most accomplished ones. From its designs to the 24 karat gold inscribed motifs you can behold on each necklace, everything has been created with the utmost care and attention. Both men and women can find a piece within it that best represents their faith. Some spirited exploration and close examination of the intricate Arabic writing all of them are inscribed with ought to help you discover the perfect Muslim Arabic written necklace.

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