Christian Gifts

Christian Gifts 

The strength of faith in God can move mountains, and a kind word of His wisdom is enough to lift the faithful from darkest despair. Spread the joy of His word with a gift from Nano Jewelry’s copious collection of Christian items. Bring hope with one of several versions of Psalm 23 and The Lord's Prayer or champion love & understanding between faiths with pendants bearing holy scriptures in English and Spanish.

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Bible Verse Gifts Blessed with Beauty and Meaning


Two millennia ago we were blessed with the greatest religious gift Christian believers have ever known. The arrival of Jesus and his teachings caused quite a stir in olden times and the impact they’ve had on much of humanity continues to make ripples in the present day. One of the things he spoke of most fervently, extending our love and kindness to everyone high and low, was to become the cornerstone of how we should view not only those closest to us but God himself.


It is that faultless, divine love that is the driving force that can move mountains or inspire a tiny act of compassion. Most importantly, it gives us the strength to face the day, to reach out for meaning and grasp it firmly. Faith in the Lord and, by extension, in ourselves helps us persevere on the journey into a brighter hereafter, and a well-thought-out Christian gift can strengthen that faith even more.


This is where our carefully chosen Christian necklaces for both men and women come in. Unlike so many Christian gift items that have lost the meaning of their message (and possibly a better part of their tastefulness) somewhere along the way, these religious pendants are fitting depictions of some of the most powerful words of wisdom and images contained within the Bible.


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