"I Love You" in 120 Languages Necklaces


The necklaces that made Nano Jewelry famous throughout the globe have yet to be surpassed! 120 imprints that adorn their gemstones bring together languages the world over, forming a chorus that sings "I love you” with a unified golden voice. Gift one to the one you care for the most and have them experience affection in an inimitable way. Round or heart-shaped, oval or square, our multilingual love necklaces come in shapes that please the eye and leave onlookers speechless.


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Unique Necklaces that Testify of Your Love in 120 Diverse Languages


Isn’t it grand that in spite all of our differences and misunderstandings, every language and every culture contains within itself an unmistakable declaration of love? From the unforgiving tundra to the lush savannah, people have been sharing their innermost feelings for one another by speaking these words softly for millennia. There is power in that kind of love, and deep connections form by expressing it.


You can find love gifts for girlfriends and wives practically at any corner, but even the cutest ones can lack originality and that personal touch so vitally important to being able to really impress her. She’ll probably enjoy any kind of thoughtful gift for her to some extent, but imagine how surprised and delighted she will be once you gift her with an unusual necklace that contains within it so many different ways to say I love you, in no less than 120 languages? That ought to get the point across in a captivating way, don’t you think?


“Jeg Elsker Deg”, “Ti Amo”, “Volim Te”… the list goes on and on. We won’t reveal how to say I love you in every language, but our beautiful necklaces certainly will! Whether you’re after a simple heart necklace for girlfriend or an exquisite, dainty golden necklace for the wife, you’ll find that our selection of frame shapes, gemstones and their colors as well as differently-designed necklace chains offers something for every taste and the love necklace you go for will easily become the highlight of her birthday or your anniversary.


The necklaces tell of love in different languages with their fascinating 24 karat pure gold inscriptions. Just picture it – all 120 of them take up the space of a finely-crafted pendant and will accompany her wherever she may go. The golden letters, words and even oriental characters are made possible by Nano Jewelry’s own special inscribing process which enables them to stand the test of time, as true love ought to. Even more exciting is the fact that the inscriptions are one-of-a-kind adornments. You’ll find engraved birthday presents for women with similar ideas, but none of them boast refinement on such a small scale.


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