I Love You More Necklaces

I Love You More Necklaces


You shouldn’t keep score in a relationship, but a little friendly competition won't hurt! Throw down the gauntlet with one of many diverse necklaces that tell her “I love you more”. Their lovely shapes and tiny golden hearts are the epitome of cuteness, and their message is clear. Will she rise to the challenge and try to top your gift? Pick a necklace that you know she’ll love, and you’ll be in for a treat yourself if she doesn’t want to lose.


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I Love You More Jewelry She Can’t Help But Adore


Do you and your significant other like to one-up each other in everything? Whether it’s a matter of who can put away more hotdogs in one sitting or which of you is the better swimmer, there’s always a healthy dose of competition involved. It’s no biggie if she wipes the floor with you in any of these from time to time, but when it comes to the most important competition of all, that of love, second place is not an option!


How do you come out on top though? Coming up with a list of “100 reasons why I love you” or a similar expression of the scope of your feelings might be a cute way to go on about it, but if you want to make matters clear once and for all, words alone won’t do. You’ll have to back them up with a top gift idea for women that’s nearly impossible to beat. We’ve got a whole host of contending collections you could take your pick from. We’ve got jewelry gift ideas that will want to make her leave it all behind and fly away with you into the unknown. Or, how about I love you gifts for her that boldly state your true feelings?


That might be enough for some, but will it get the point across? We thought that a little more bravado wouldn’t hurt, and decided to create the collection of the undisputedly best women gifts to make your case with! The  “I love you more” jewelry collection consists of beautifully-crafted, playful necklaces designed to both brighten up her day and enrich her evening wear. They’re small tokens of affection which carry the message that settles the score on who loves whom more in a most endearing way, and in a unique manner.


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