"I Love You to the Moon and Back" Jewelry & Gifts


How far will you go for her love?

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How big is your love for her really? How does one even begin to measure the feelings of euphoria and closeness experienced when you’re together, or the unendurable pain of being apart? At times it seems that no distance or obstacle are too great to overcome in the service of love, and when you truly feel that way, there’s an intense need to shout it out for everyone to hear!


You might not want to do that though, what with the whole disturbing the peace problem. What you can and absolutely should do though is share the vastness of your love with an awesome gift for her! Forever a symbol of secret meetings, tender caresses and unforgettable nights, the Moon reigns supreme as easily the most romantic object in the night sky. If you find that your affections are as great as the journey you’d undertake to and back from it just for her to repay them in kind, then an I love you to the Moon and back necklace is a meaningful and cool gift for her that answers the questions from the start perfectly.

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