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Curious Jewelry Gift Ideas for Unconventional Lovers of Style


We all know that one person who seems to view the world through a whole different set of lenses than the rest. Maybe she loves to dress extravagantly or tends to see beauty in things other people would just walk by and not give a second thought about. It’s people like that who make you stop and think about your own preconceptions and stubborn views. More importantly, they add a dash of color and a pinch of wonder to a world we’d otherwise find duller.


You know that where there’s a far-out personality, an unusual sense of style is sure to follow. It’s almost impossible to shop for someone who’s so whimsical and unpredictable. Gifts in our other categories probably wouldn’t cut it either. That’s why a whole section of the site is dedicated to infinity jewelry, skateboard necklaces and other novelty gifts for men and women which just wouldn’t let themselves be part of a more conventional gathering of beautiful jewellery.


We totally broke the mold with this bunch of great gifts for him or her. Unlike other, more structured collections where a common theme links everything together, the only thing unusual jewelry like fairy dust necklaces and good luck gifts with a million dollars stamped on them have in common is the fact that they’re totally different and will be loved by someone whose unique style is more important to them than anything anyone else might say.


Well, there is one more thing which these offbeat necklaces share with each other as well as the rest of our unique jewelry.  Whether it’s the Irish necklace with its Celtic knot or a piece of scorpion jewelry that sends shivers down your spine, the intricate, lifelike images that make them what they are consist of nothing but 24 karat pure gold imprinted onto a high quality gemstone.  While this is a common enough sight these days, the striking details and intricate artwork on display here are the finest examples you’ll see literally anywhere as we’ve refined the inscription process to a level the competition just can’t get close to.


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