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Islamic Jewelry

Islamic Jewelry

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Discover Arabic Jewelry Imprinted with the Ayat al-Kursi


The koranic verse known as Ayat al-Kursi or Ayatul Kursi is probably the most recited and well-known excerpt of the Qur’an not just in the Islamic world, but far beyond. It is no wonder that this is so as the verse speaks of Allah the all-powerful, the all- knowing, and, perhaps most fortunate for all of human kind, the merciful. He reigns over the Heavens and the Earth alike, protecting and nurturing all that inhabits them. Such a vivid imagining of Allah’s power inspires greater faith and understanding in believers, and is often the theme of Arabic writing necklaces.


We can’t think of a better or more beautiful way to gift someone you love and honor the faith they put in Allah at the same time than an Ayatul Kursi necklace that carries the verse in an elegant and sophisticated manner. After all, it is not the words themselves or the gold they’re made of that they are worshiping, but the glory of the merciful and beneficent ruler they bring us closer to understanding.


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