Jewish Gifts and Jewelry from Israel

Jewish Gifts and Jewelry

Jewelry from Israel is among the most attractive and authentic gift ideas for believers worldwide, and no one makes it quite like we do! Choose from a wide variety of Jewish motifs & biblical verses, including the Star of David, Shema Yisrael, and the Priestly Blessing. Or, venture into the world of hidden and esoteric knowledge by discovering the 72 names of God and the Ana Bekoach. Great for special occasions and as a sign of your support.

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Jewish Jewelry - The Wisdom and Beauty of a People’s Traditions Laid Before You in Pure Gold


Judaism is the oldest of the three Abrahamic religion. There aren’t many others that can take as much pride in their traditions passed down for multiple millennia, or who have undergone so much hardship and survived all of it until this day. It is a religion of strong convictions and bonds to God and one’s family, of remembrance and hope for a world devoid of bloodshed where all differences are resolved peacefully.


With a number of sacred texts and such a rich history to fall back to, it’s no wonder that the Jewish tradition is full of symbolic imagery and meaningful ritual objects like the menorah. But, since it is also a very intimate religion, personal affects with a deep spiritual connection are very common and highly valued too. A Judaica gift is sure to be received with joy and gratitude by a person of the faith, and we’ve got quite the selection!


The top gifts for men and women on display in our Jewish segment are both fraught with meaning and beautiful to behold! Like our more specialized collections which feature  messianic jewelry or prayer for peace gifts,, it is made up of unique gifts for him and her steeped in some of its deepest and most prominent elements. Whether you’re in search of something as ubiquitous as a Jewish star necklace or are on the hunt for something a little more exotic, a brief look will tell you everything you need to know.


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