Messianic Jewelry

Messianic Jewelry

The desire for peace between faiths and harmony in the world is at the core of Messianic Judaism. Know someone with this noble belief? Then gift him or her a stunning piece of jewelry with the messianic symbol to how your support. Other offerings in the collection include versions of The Lord's Prayer in Hebrew and Aramaic as well as beautiful necklaces that call for peace in the holy city of Jerusalem.

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Messianic Judaism is an interesting amalgam of Jewish and Christian beliefs shaped by the tumultuous history of Israel and its people. In a nutshell, Messianic Jews live a life that seeks to bring together the abundant, millennia-old Jewish traditions & customs with the belief in Jesus as the rightful messiah and son of God. It is steadily gaining popularity world-wide and in its native Israel alike.


The desire for tolerance and understanding can clearly be seen in the symbol its faithful identify with, which can be found on their synagogues, in their art and gracing religious jewelry for women & men in this collection too. Three defining symbols of the Christian and Hebrew faiths – the fish of Jesus, the Star of David and the Menorah, all come together in it to form a peculiar but still harmonious whole whose deeper meaning makes it a clever and interesting religious gift for more than just members of this specific faith.


This collection’s theme are contrasts and the inspiring ways in which people strive to bridge the gap of misunderstanding and mistrust in creating more understanding and harmony. It has ties with both the world of Christian necklaces and Jewish jewelry, while being distinct and original. Apart from various necklaces having to do with Messianic Judaism, there are prayer for peace necklaces in to too that focus on Jerusalem, the pinnacle of religiously important places and the beautiful yet troubled city of gold.

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