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Nano Bible

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The Supreme Gift of Pure Faith – Jerusalem Nano Bible Necklaces


The Jerusalem Nano Bible is a labor of love and faith created with ingenuity and pedantic attention to authenticity in the Holy Land itself. An engraving process no one could imagine was possible just a decade or so ago has finally led to a most astounding breakthrough for believers and jewelry aficionados alike – the contents of the Old and New Testaments have been engraved onto wafer chips so small that the chosen Nano Bible fits elegantly onto and gives profound new meaning to any religious jewelry.


We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add a breakthrough so akin to ours to the gifts for Christians which are already on offer. A womens cross pendant is the ideal starting piece to be turned into meaningful Nano Bible jewelry, but you will be able to find other stunning pieces where this wonderful new addition has been used with great effect too. The details are being finalized and as soon as everything is as perfect as can be this new jewelry with meaning will become available to you.


Even though you’d need a powerful electron microscope to actually make out the text engraved onto the Nano Bible necklace, you can be sure that it is in fact all there as a certificate of authenticity is provided with each purchase. Never again will a person whom you deeply respect have to walk alone without spiritual guidance close by – your generosity and the Bible that will quite literally rest next to their heart will make sure of that in a spectacular way.

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