Psalm 23 Jewelry

Psalm 23 Jewelry

Even when we’re surrounded by misery and fear, the Lord is there to guide us and protect us from harm. Psalm 23 is the most beautiful expression of that sentiment ever uttered, and now you can gift meaningful, eye-catching jewelry featuring its eternal words with a gold luster that befits them. Choose between a demure cross and any of our other appealing designs, or get this uplifting prayer in either Spanish or French.

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Meaningful Necklaces Bearing the Lord’s my Shepherd Prayer


Courage is a valuable thing to possess – it is easy to be full of oneself and met the world head on when everything is going as we’ve imagined it should. It’s when times are uncertain and prospects bleak that the truly courageous step up and face whatever is to come. Faith in oneself can get you only so far though – in order to truly come out on top of any adversity, the strength and courage we draw upon needs to come from something greater, something divine.


This is a fact that the biblical King David knew all too well. Being a poet as well as a great leader, he beautifully expressed his absolute conviction in the Lord’s guiding hand through the 23rd psalm, which would go on to become one of the most inspirational and widely-cited passages of the Bible. It has already helped countless believers in overcoming life’s hardships, and a wonderful depiction of its rallying words set on a special piece of Christian jewelry for women is bound to be an amazing gift for her, received with gratitude.


Step into the world of the Lord is my shepherd prayer by exploring all there is to see in this artful collection! As part of our much larger group of Christian jewelry alongside collections containing Lord’s Prayer necklaces, gifts for Catholics etc. Its sole purpose is to bring the words of David closer to everyone through amazingly detailed and well-designed necklaces that augment the meaning of the psalm’s message with their own considerable beauty. There are quite a few to peruse, so feel free to take your time and enjoy the experience!


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