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"The Lord's Prayer" Jewelry

in Aramaic

Feel closer to the Lord's Prayer by having the words as spoken by Jesus always close to your heart. Our Aramaic version of the prayer comes closest to the words He would have actually used and preserves them in gold on jewelry as fit for worship as it is for fashion. Select among four lovely frames and up to six colors to create a unique and personalized pendant you can gift for special occasions or religious celebrations.

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Discover the Words to the Lord’s Prayer in Ancient Aramaic


Aramaic was an ancient language that has existed in the Middle East for more than three thousand years. It was used in formal and religious ceremony as well as in what was once the Roman province of Judea. It is there that John the Baptist spoke of the coming of the Lord, and where Jesus himself lived and died. Aramaic was the tongue in which he delivered his sermons, spread his teachings, and, most important of all, prayed to God.


There’s something to be said about the unblemished connection a piece of religious jewelry  bearing some of Jesus’ words in their original form has to the divine. After all, a language is more than just a string of words tied together – it shapes how we think and who we are. If we make an effort and try to understand what Jesus meant when he was revealing wisdom like the Lord’s Prayer to his students, then we too may glimpse more of its significance than any kind of translation would permit. One of the intriguing Lord’s Prayer necklaces in Aramaic you can find exclusively here at Nano Jewelry can be an inspirational gift to help with that!


In this necklace collection, we’ve put together silver and gold jewelry for women showing off the unaltered version of the Lord’s Prayer that has been imprinted onto each with nothing less than absolutely pure gold. Since we already have collections catering to specific religious denominations that contain the Lord’s Prayer King James version and Catholic gifts with the same theme, we thought it would be an original and exciting idea to also offer you the version of the prayer that these later ones emerged from. Our golden inscriptions already make our Christian gift items special – getting back to the root of things with themes like this one makes them even more unique.


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