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"The Lord's Prayer" Jewelry

in Hebrew

Gift The Lord's Prayer in its Hebrew version to a person of faith close to your heart. The essential Christian prayer is laid out in full, covering precious stones of different colors in exquisite golden script. Let its message of hope and forgiveness find its home at the center of a cross or another of our inspired designs, like the eye or a heart imbued with genuine Swarovski crystals.

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Jewelry with Meaning Carrying the Words to the Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew


Even though the Lord’s Prayer has practically been translated into every modern language, sometimes with many variations in the same one, there’s something to be said about knowing the prayer in its original. Jesus probably first recited the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, but since He and the apostles all knew and understood Hebrew, and It is the holy language which the Old Testament is written in, giving a context to the prayer and learning it in Hebrew can help us discover its true meaning better.


With this ancient language comes the beautiful and exotic Hebrew script as well, transforming the written words to the prayer into a flowing, artful symbol even people who don’t yet know what they represent will find intriguing. Letters in Hebrew have many hidden meanings, and a Christian pendant on which they form the Lord’s Prayer is an original and thoughtful gift for her designed to both please the eye with its breathtaking appearance, and elevate the soul with the nourishing strength of real faith it can entice within its wearer. Nano Jewelry is proud to showcase Christian necklaces that are an embodiment of that ideal!


We have quite the selection of necklaces with Jesus’ most intimate words for you to look over. Where most of them are translated into English like the traditional version of the Lord’s Prayer in the Bible, this particular set of inspirational jewelry for women offers her the unblemished Hebrew version of it in equally pure gold. Four different visions of how the prayer should be celebrated exist, designed to be different than run-of-the-mill gold jewelry for women. On each of our unique necklaces, the Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew is in the center of attention, shimmering in irresistible gold.


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