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Collares  Cristianas Católicas - Padre Nuestro

Collares  Cristianas Católicas - Padre Nuestro

"The Lord's Prayer" Jewelry in Spanish

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Touching Spiritual Necklaces featuring Our Father Prayer in Spanish


Although Jesus is hailed as our Lord and savior the world over, it is done so with a special kind of fervor in Spanish-speaking parts of it. Whether you’re witnessing it resound through the hallowed halls of cathedrals in Barcelona and Madrid, or said warmly and with conviction in a half-finished school building somewhere in the jungles of South America, the Lord’s Prayer in Spanish is a warm expression of true faith that’s lovely to hear and experience.


At Nano jewelry, we strive to reach as many people as possible with our unique necklaces, and one which prominently features this important and touching prayer in Spanish is an item of spiritual and personal worth that will make a great Christian graduation gift for a young woman or a cherished present for one’s mother, depending on the style you end up choosing. We’ve made sure that the religious gifts for women encountered as a part of this extensive collection have what it takes to deeply touch the heart and soul of your loved ones.


Don’t see this as an idle boast! It’s easy to get carried away with extravagant promises and wild claims when offering up religious pendants, yet apart from being imbued with the soothing words to the Lord’s Prayer, these necklaces are the result of painstaking efforts to create meaningful jewelry which would stand out. It’s fitting that their message is also the main reason why they can’t be copied – the prayer on each is imprinted with the purest gold and executed with precision. The result is fine, artistic and readable golden text unrivaled in the jewelry world, making the Catholic Lord’s Prayer jewelry as well as all our other products state of the art, unique presents.


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