"The Lord's Prayer" Jewelry

King James Version (KJV)

Jesus taught us how to pray more than 2,000 years ago, and the words to His prayer imprinted on our jewelry are a gift that will last at least as long. Here you’ll find pendants for men and women enriched by the King James Version of The Lord's Prayer. Alone or accompanied by breathtaking Christian imagery, they’re what you’ve been looking for in a present that’s appropriate for a person of faith yet turns heads nevertheless.

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Lord’s Prayer KJV – Jewelry Adorned with Jesus’ Eternal Words as Recorded in the King James Bible


Four centuries ago, King James VI had a new translation of the Bible commissioned. It was a great effort to bring its contents closer to the people of the time, but not many could have guessed how much of an effect it would have on the English-speaking world. Today the King James Bible (abbreviated to KJV or KJB) is hailed as the most famous and most poetic of the Bible’s versions – it is the foundation for many of the faith’s denominations, has spawned hundreds of idioms we use every day without even realizing it, and is unquestioningly a literary masterpiece.


Even with a text as lyrical and quotable as the Bible, the words to the Lord’s Prayer are often what people take to heart the most. It’s no wonder since Jesus taught us this way of praying himself, and the meaning of the words combined with the way they’re expressed in this version of the Bible makes them resonate profoundly within believers’ hearts and minds. If this prayer is one of the greatest gifts God gave the world, then a Christian gift bearing its likeness is a special thing as well.


Along with other collections like the one featuring necklaces with the 23d psalm or the Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew, this one is specialized in presenting a variety of beautiful necklaces which share the same theme, but do so with creative imagination since their designs are so varied and are sure to strike a chord with almost anyone. Interested to find out a little more? Then please, take a look:


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