"The Lord's Prayer" Jewelry for Kids

There’s no purer gift than seeing your children walk the way of truth. Jewelry for kids imprinted with The Lord's Prayer helps them remember to draw on God’s boundless love and accept His guiding grace. It’s written down on brightly-colored jewels in pure gold with simple words any child can understand and available in four inspired designs.

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The Lord’s Prayer Jewelry Written in Simple Language for Kids


How many times have your kids clasped their hands together and sincerely recited the words to the Lord’s Prayer? When all is well, they’re a reminder of the special link that was established between us and the Father, a promise which should be honored and never broken. When things aren’t going as the child hoped, they offer sanctuary and a glimpse of hope. After all, nothing in this world is so terrible that it wouldn’t be worth going through if it meant everlasting life in the next.


Often our children seem to struggle with doubt or fear, but they also get up each day to face the world anew. Drawing strength from Bible verses like the Lord’s Prayer can truly make a difference in these situations. Your kids carry them in our hearts, sure, but wouldn’t a thoughtful gift like this "our father" for kids necklace infused with the prayer’s very words be a fantastic gesture of your understanding and support for the cross they’re bearing?


The kids version of the Lord’s Prayer seeks to preserve every aspect of its meaning without making it sound like it was translated 300 years ago. Jesus’ words should be accessible and clear to everyone, and that’s what a piece of religious jewelry for women bearing it is perfect for. You’ll find all kinds of meaningful necklaces imprinted with it if you take a peek inside this collection. Remember to also check out a few of our other faith jewelry collections and discover items like necklaces inscribed with Psalm 23, or the popular Lord’s Prayer King James version.


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