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"The Lord's Prayer" Jewelry

Anglican Traditional Version

Need a meaningful religious gift? Surprise a faithful friend or loved one with their most meaningful prayer set at the heart of exquisite jewelry. The traditional Anglican version of The Lord's Prayer is preserved in full with gold as eternal as the words it honors. This spiritual motif is available on two kinds of dainty crosses as well as on several more extravagant necklaces, including ones with cascades of real diamonds.

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Inspirational Necklaces Imprinted with the Words to the Lord’s Prayer in It’s Traditional Version


The traditional version of the Lord’s Prayer is one of the earliest sanctioned translations into English from Latin. It is a contemporary of the Lord’s Prayer King James Version. Both of them have been around since the start of the 17th century and each is still largely invoked by millions of believers daily to give thanks to the Lord for providing us with all that we need in this life and expressing hope of being at his side in the next as well. Many people prefer the traditional version since it actually sounds much more natural to our modern ear than the one found in the King James Bible.


As such, it is a wonderful thing to hold dear – a more than 400-year old translation of a much more ancient truth that has managed to survive and be just as important in these modern times too. A Christian necklace forged with the help of today’s cutting edge technology and imprinted with the traditional words to this defining prayer may just be the ideal womens present for someone who doesn’t take the significance of its message lightly. You’ve already gotten your first glimpse of the unusual jewelry we lovingly make, now you should get to know the Christian pendants and the story behind their unique features a little better.


Bringing the Lord’s Prayer translated into English in its traditional form into the limelight is the main goal of this collection. The heartwarming Christian gift items within catch the eye and the soul alike thanks to their bold and different designs, not to mention their sophisticated presentation of the prayer which was inscribed using 24 karat gold onto every one of them. Similar collections for other versions of it exist, and so do translations into other languages. If you’re interested in either, do have a look at the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, or the Catholic Lord’s Prayer collections to discover more.


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